Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Virtue Pedalist

        If I could learn about any topic in school, I would learn about inventions, their creators, and I would give my opinion based on these things. Today I am going to type about the Virtue Pedalist.

        The Virtue is probably one of the stranger things you might see in the biking community. The Virtue is 34 inches wide, and it is 150-200 pounds without the motor or battery. This has a polycarbonate body, a full lighting system, and an electronic horn. In the future they are looking to add more, this includes side mirrors and windshield wipers. As for the engine and battery, the company is looking to have different motors for different terrain. For example, a person in San Francisco may want a motor with lots of torque to get up hills. This prototype was put out by The Bike Revolution Shop in San Diego.

      The  Bike Revolution Shop is a new interesting company that sells and rents high end biking equipment. This place is home to many bike models of which there are too many to name. This company has been in San Diego since 2008, and they allow the public to sell and rent bikes from them. The brands they sell range from Konas to Bianchis.

       This new Virtue bike is still in prototype and it is what some are saying could be a good alternate to driving a car. This could be very good for people in busy cities because this vehicle is thin enough to fit through a regular doorway. This eliminates the difficulty of finding a place to store it. When looking at the design of this Virtue it looks quite elegant. However, it looks very tall as if could possibly topple over at a bad angle. In the end, this is still a prototype that is still having things added to it. The Bike Revolution Shop says that it will be ready to sell by next year with a price ranging between $3500 - $3900 dollars in US currency.
       I am not quite sure how many people will consider buying this, but it is one weird looking electric bike. This has been my research about the new Virtue Pedalist and I have been happy to discover this thing.

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